We just received word that Paisley Quill is offering 15% off all custom invitations until May 24th. Isn't that a great way to start your Monday morning?! We thought that we would share one of our favorite invitations from Paisley Quill that caught our eye recently. We call it "The Lemon."
The last card of this invitation features a illustrated timeline of the events occurring on the couple's big day. As you can see, the evening starts with the ceremony & exchanging of vows and rings and doesn't end til the moon is out and the music fades. We love the added detail!
What's not to love about a lovely little flourish to add a touch of class to the return address on the envelope flap!?

We previously featured the work of Paisley Quill here and just keep comin' back for more! Head on over to the portfolio of Paisley Quill to see all the lovely invitations for yourself!

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