...Maps by Bonfires...

Do you love to travel? Are you planning a destination wedding? If you answered yes to either question then this invitation might just be the inspiration you need to figure out how your invitations will reflect you and your wedding.
I am such a fan of pretty fonts {who isn't?!}. This invitation suite boasts whimsy cursive fonts and straight-edge capitalized fonts. The more the merrier. And calligraphy on the outer envelope never hurt anyone!
The envelope liners resembled map paper and the envelopes themselves were sealed with a sticker fashioned from the same map paper. It just doesn't get any better.
Oh wait, it does. Vintage stamps.

such beautiful work by: nothing but bonfires via Lucky Me

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Landlocked Bride said...

I loved this suite the second I saw it. Especially the map envelope liners and the font for their names!