...Red Lobster...

It was the little lobster scooting across the invitation that had me at first sight. Isn't he precious!?
Then the rest of the invitation suite unfolded in front of my eyes and I squealed with delight.
I am loving how the grass and the birds are shown on the invitation together and then make separate appearances on the Lobster boil card and the RSVP post card {both shown below}.
What would a wedding in Maine be without an Adirondack chair and a lobster?
If attending, guests were given a meal choice to indicate on their RSVP post card. The two witty options gave me a good chuckle:
how can i come to maine and not eat lobster?! Number of guests____
call me chicken, as that's what i want to eat: Number of guests ____
Invitation as seen from the wedding of Laura and Bobby on the new ruffled blog here and used with expressed permission of Courtney at flush designs and erin hearts court . p.s. you can see the full post here.