...Escort Card Display by the Numbers...

It's one thing when you have an talented photographer like Stephanie Williams capture the details of your wedding day. But it's another thing when you have someone like Jesi Haack designing your wedding and the details behind it.

There was a wedding shot by Stephanie Williams recently that I spent too much time fawning over. You just have to see it {here}. My favorite little detail was the escort card display.
A little piece of paper, stating the name of the guest, was attached to a large magnetic number and then displayed under the appropriate column corresponding to the first letter of the guests last name.
What isn't to love about this escort card display?! Even the use of twine to affix the paper to the numbers is charming!

See the absolutely to-die-for photos from this wedding right: here on the blog of Stephanie Williams. And don't forget to stop by the lovely blog of the talented Jesi Haack!
{pictures used with expressed permission of Stephanie Williams}


Tracy said...

I love this idea and will likely share it on our blog www.bridesbuddy.com.

Zane Wooder said...

Beautiful display of escort cards.