...Wedding Invitation Poster...

Quite a while ago I saw this adorable invitation poster designed by Erin Jang from the indigo bunting. Recently, it resurfaced and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it this time around.
The bride is a cupcake baker and the two met in a science lab. That should explain the cupcake and the bubbling glass beaker! One of my favorite things about the invitation {above} is the line that reads "dinner, cupcakes & merriment to follow." How clever!
The RSVP card {below} also leaves room for the guests to write the bride & groom a little note on the back of the postcard.
The invitation poster and RSVP postcard were mailed in a kraft tube{below} with a matching custom mailing label.
You can see the whole post on the poster and invitation suite right here. Images above courtesy of Erin at the indigo bunting blog.
p.s. you can see some of their beautiful wedding photos here {and 100 Layer Cake's post here} from Radonich Ranch in Los Gatos, California.


Bailey said...

SO cute, I am always so charmed by papergoods, esp what people do for their weddings!

landlocked bride said...

I seriously love this suite. So quirky and kitschy!

brooke said...

Charming, great idea!


mom said...

Hi Daughter,
I tried to imitate your style when I addressed Whitney's shower invitations. B said my writing was beautiful..he would. But I did not come close to your pretty style!

Zane Wooder said...

I love the eyes on the cupcake.