...Yellow Table Signs & Escort Cards...

As I mentioned earlier, Allison allowed my calligraphy to grace her table names and escort cards for her September Ohio wedding. Each table was named after a place or activity that the bride & groom took part in during their time at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
You've probably already noticed that one of Allison's "wedding colors" was yellow. Yellow lemons served multiple purposes throughout the wedding day, as table decor {above} and as holders on the escort table for the table names {below}.

It was getting close to Allison's wedding day and her seating chart still was not 100% complete. So, she had me draw up an escort card for each guest, as planned, but without a table number. I then wrote the name of each table on the remaining {blank} escort cards. On the day of the wedding Allison set up her escort card table by putting guests sitting at the same table into a vertical row on the table. Behind each row was a lemon holding the escort card displaying the table name that the guests in that row were to sit at. A great option if you are afraid your seating chart won't be finalized until shortly before your wedding!

I used the Pretty Perfect style for all of Allison's escort cards. They look lovely, if I do say so myself! Thank you Allison, for sending me all of these pictures from your wedding day!


Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh everything looks fab Jess :) Great work!! xo

Zane Wooder said...

I really like those flowers in the picture?