...Woodgrain Invitations...

A long time ago Mike at urban influence shared his wedding invitations and I have adored them ever since. The invitation wasn't just a 5x7 piece of paper. It was a multi page book called "The Official Guidebook to Tying the Knot." I love everything about the presentation of this invitation from the crest on the envelope adorned with red ink to the wood grain booklet to the bakers twine and adorable tag.

Love love love the appearance of all sorts of different fonts of typography that appear though out the booklet. The tag itself had me at hello. Maybe it's since I have always wanted a date stamp of my own.

As if the outside of the invitation wasn't particularly awesome enough, just wait until you see the inside. Each and every page was personalized. I'm telling you, the amount of detail that was put into this wedding invitation is outstanding.

My favorite page has to be the "Reference Guide...For Tying the Knot," For obvious reasons. How clever.

Image credits: urban influences via benign objects. As seen on: oh so beautiful paper

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Zane Wooder said...

I always sucked at making knots.