...Merry Christmas from Penned & Pretty Calligraphy...

I am appreciative of a lot of things, especially at this time of the year {family, friends, our numerous blessings, etc}. But, I must to say that I always love receiving a pretty card in the mail complete with a fabulous envelope. This little beauty would have been a welcome guest in our mailbox. Oh my deer {or buck or antelope, whatever!}! Loving the break from the traditional Christmas tree, jingle bells and Santa Clause himself.
Oh what is there not to love about this envelope!? Red & gold is always a winning color combination at this time of year! I would love to address it with my "pretty perfect" calligraphy, right beside the "kindly deliver to" instructions. And I love that the envelope flap is on the side of the envelope instead of its traditional spot!
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope that your stockings overflow with all sorts of goodness!
You can see more pictures of this holiday card designed by wiley valentine right here.
p.s. there is all sorts of goodness by wiley valentine on their lovely blog. Enjoy!

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