...Penned & Pretty Calligraphy: Severine's Place Cards...

Severine is one of my favorite clients. She allowed me to adorn the address labels she used on both her wedding invitation envelopes and thank you cards. They were beautiful, if I do say so myself. Severine thought so too, so she allowed me to put my calligraphy on her place cards. Here they were getting ready for their big revel to all of the guests at her wedding reception.
I love the nontraditional way that Severine chose to display the place cards at each table setting. As you can see below, those Pretty Perfect styled place cards were set in between the prongs of each fork. How clever!!
Thank you, Severine, for allowing my "pretty perfect" calligraphy to be such a part of your special day!

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we_do said...

Thank you so much! Your beautiful calligraphy completed everything! I love your work