...Pink Outer Envelopes & a Great Way to Inform Your Guests of Your Wedding Website...

Any time a client of mine wants to use something other than a white outer envelope, I get a little giddy. A few weeks ago one of my clients sent over her pink outer envelopes for me to complete using my pretty adorable font. Take a look at the results!

Most of the time I attempt to center each line of the address to the middle of the envelope {see pictures 1, above and 3, below}. However, due to the amount of text that will be on the envelope or just length of the words per line, I sometimes find that its best to indent each line vs. attempt to center the text on the envelope. I hope that you'll agree that the result is just as gorgeous!

I addressed the back flap of each envelope with the return address. So, my client had this cute little envelope icon {sealed with a heart!} stamped where the return address would normally be placed. How cute!

My client wanted a way to let her guests know about their wedding website, without having it appear on the invitation itself. So, she sent me these little white cards to inform guests that they can view the website for additional details. I wrote the website address in hot pink to match the color of the envelope heart. Loving this idea! Please note that the website password has been blurred in order to protect privacy.

Anyone else think of a great way to inform guests of a wedding website without placing the address right on the invitation!?

...Kumquat & Peach...

A few weeks ago I spied this adorable invitation suite by Erin of Be True Designs on 100 layer cake. As if the kumquat & peach color scheme wasn't enough, the cameos put this suite over the top and onto my list of favorite things.
I won't even get into how adorable the font choices and kraft paper are. That is a different story for a different time.

See the entire suite here on 100 layer cake.

...Creative Seating Chart Display...

Are you one of the lucky brides that has a really unique reception venue? If so, I certainly hope that you're taking advantage of it! Survey the surroundings at your venue{s} and see how you can incorporate more of the surroundings into the details of your day. Take this innovative idea, for example:
I am loving how the table arrangements are displayed with ribbon on an existing mirror at the venue. Instead of using a typical table to display escort cards, try something new! Don't forget to think outside the box when you are touring a reception venue!

Photography: Lizelle Lotter Photography via Wedding Cabaret. See the whole post here.