...Kraft Envelopes with Calligraphy...

Last fall I completed a calligraphy order for a client that was sending out her wedding invitations in kraft envelopes. I have always been a fan of these envelopes & actually sent our holiday cards out in similar envelopes! The bride-to-be requested me to use black ink on the envelopes which always makes for such a clean and polished look.

For the first time in Penned & Pretty history I literally had a client that could not decide on what calligraphy "font" she wanted me to use on the envelopes. Her groom liked the "Pretty Perfect" while she favored the "Pretty Adorable" font. So, I addressed the envelopes to the groom's side of the guest list in Pretty Perfect & the envelopes for the bride's family & friends were addressed using the Pretty Adorable font! I aim to please here at Penned & Pretty!

My calendar is starting to fill up for the 2012 wedding season so e-mail me today to reserve your spot on my calendar for completion!