...Mason Jar Save-the-Date & Burlap Invitation...

Any time that I hear about an invitation designer from my home state of Indiana, I have to take a look at his/her work. When I saw the work of Amanda at The Blue Envelope over at oh so beautiful paper I knew that I just had to share it here.
The save the date was in the shape of a mason jar and garnished with a tied piece of twine.
How downright adorable is that?!The invitation itself was presented in a little burlap stitched booklet with another piece of twine holding the RSVP card & envelope together. I love this sort of presentation!
This RSVP card allows the guests ample room to write in their names unlike a traditional RSVP card with the standard line of "M_____________________."
What a darling suite! Thanks for sharing, Amanda. Images courtesy of The Blue Envelope as found at oh so beautiful paper. Photo Credit: Chris Berneking

...Gray Envelopes...

Charcoal gray has been all the rage in the wedding industry for the last two years and it's still going strong. I can't say that I mind! I was thrilled to work with a bride that would be sending out these stunning charcoal gray envelopes.
As you will see on the envelope below, there are certain addresses where I find the address presentation to look cleaner when each line is not centered in the middle of the envelope, but rather center the address as a whole over the envelope and utilize indented spacing. I hope you'll agree that the end result is beautiful.
The bride-to-be requested black ink with a Pretty Perfect/Pretty Whimsy combination style. The result was a classy and elegant envelope ready to send to guests.
Working with an envelope of this color was so fun! I cannot wait to see what the rest of my brides have in store for me this season!

p.s. you can see more samples of my work here!

...Brown & Kraft Envelopes...

It's been too long since I have shared some of my work with you. These envelopes were actually addressed last summer for Miss Argyle of weddingbee. She shared them here but I thought I would share them as well. The bride chose a rich chocolate brown outer envelope and white ink in my Pretty Perfect style made for a striking presentation. The inner envelope was a kraft brown envelope adorned with a chocolate ink. Both envelopes complimented each other quite beautifully!
Now, here's to hoping that I will get around to posting some more recently filled calligraphy orders!
p.s. You can check out the amazing invitations that went into these envelopes here!