...Around the Calligraphy Office...

I don't blog too much here about my personal life, but I just couldn't resist this one time. Back in July my husband and I {somewhat impulsively} got a puppy! He was a handful from day one, although we wouldn't have it any other way. We named him Sampson and he is a Goldendoodle. In August I woke my husband up at the crack of dawn and had Nicole Green take a few updated family photos of us. You can see them here!

Since then he has grown. And i mean grown. We often refer to him as a polar bear or a horse. He certainly doesn't look like a puppy! So, today I thought I would share a picture of my office assistant {in my office}. He's the one keeping my feet warm while I add the calligraphy on to all of those envelopes!

If I receive enough requests I suppose you could twist my arm to blog about him again from time to time!

...Modern Calligraphy...

Here are a few pictures from a calligraphy order that I completed this past summer. I often mention how fun it is to address an envelope that isn't white, but there is no denying that black ink on a white envelope just plain classy.

This is my Pretty Perfect font {with just a dash of Pretty Whimsy thrown in} which never fails to disappoint.

...Calligraphy on Blue Outer Envelopes & Stunning Lace-Like Inner Envelopes...

This summer I was contacted by Christina Tumbleson, an Event Planner to address literally hundreds of lace-like inner envelopes, blue outer envelopes & blue RSVP envelopes for an upcoming wedding. The invitations themselves were designed by Kristen of Five Dot Design. The final result {excluding the RSVP envelope} is below. I really loved the idea Kristen had in folding a lace-like square into the inner envelope. I had never seen such a thing! The lace & tweed strips wrapped around the invitation itself completed the invitation suite.

Imagine my surprise, a few months later, while reading the blogs of one of my favorite Indianapolis based photographers, megan w photography, I stumbled upon pictures of their wedding! These were too sweet not to share! See the full blog post here!

P.S. Christina just told me that the invitation will be featured in the upcoming winter issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine!

Invitation photo by JMM Photography. Invitations by Kristen of Five Dot Design.
Wedding day photos courtesy of megan w photography

...Happy New Year...

Hi friends! I am quite late in posting this, but I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Things have been a little quite around here at Penned & Pretty, as it traditionally is from November - February. However, that will all change soon as all of the Spring brides will be looking to send out their invitations!
That being said, I hope to get around to posting some of the work I completed last fall so that there are some more current posts on this little blog!

More to come!

picture by 32 flavors via my revelment