One of our lovely blogger friends recently posted pictures of an adorable off-beat "Extra Information" insert for a wedding invitation. The envelope alone is quite precious.
The first extra information card informed guests of the important things in life...that there would be cake and ice cream following the ceremony.
The second card made us giggle. Now, some people might say that it's tacky to tell your guests where you are registered an or ask for money. But in the end, it's just easier on everyone. You don't end up with items that you don't need or like and Aunt Rita doesn't have to make the trek to every major department store in the tri-state to find out where you are registered at. Honestly, there is no shame in telling guests where you are registered at. Extra points if you can find a cute way {like the card below} to do it.

all items by DolciOdille, a charmingly cute little letterpress shop!

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