...Lemon Drop...

Seeing tables designated at a reception as "Table 1" will give you the same thrill as when the DJ invited everyone onto the dance floor to do the hokey pokey and/or the chicken dance. Do your guests a little favor and take the time to come up with a couple of fun and entertaining table names. Places that you have been, names of your favorite songs/musicians or words of love {hope, trust, honor, etc} will certainly spice up your escort cards/seating chart.
This bride chose yellow as an accent color for her reception. Therefore, the table numbers were all named after pretty yellow things. My favorite was lemon drop due to the addition of lemon drops scattered throughout the reception. However, you have to admit that ducking, butterscotch, duckling, daffodil and honey buns were quite cute an innovative.
So, keep it fresh. Change it up a bit. Don't go for the standard "Table 1," if you can think up something more innovative. It will just be one more detail that will bring a smile to the faces of your guests.
pictures seen at the blog of: hugh forte