...Still Here & Still Writing...

Hi friends!
Just so you know I'm still here and still addressing 100s of envelopes for my lovely clients. Business has been so good {thank you!} that I have had to put this blog on the back burner. I thought I would stop in and share some pictures of my recent work. Should you or someone you know need a little calligraphy in your life {upcoming wedding, baby shower, etc} please reach out to me via e-mail {pennedandpretty@gmail.com} or check out my etsy shop {here}!

These certainly are not all of the envelope orders that I've completed over the past few months but they represent a good little sample! If you need me you can find me with a sharpie at my desk! Send pickles & wine {my two favorite things}! xo

p.s. Pictures are from my iphone & I apologize for the poor quality! It's the thought that counts!